Welcome to WAYS Messenger Service!

WAYS Messenger Service is a 24/7 Same day on-demand Courier Company who is providing Courier Services to anyone who needs it in SoCal. Courier Service by Ways is offering Rush or Scheduled Delivery Services and Routine Delivery Service as well for all sorts of Business industries. Medical Courier Services for Hospitals, Clinics, Dentists, and Medical Laboratories. Medical Courier Service for Bio-Medical Specimens Delivery and Lab Samples Delivery all around SoCal. Operating throughout Greater Los Angeles area and Southern California.

Bio-Medical Courier
chemistry bio medial delivery

We are well equipped and fully licensed and insured to transport medical specimens and lab samples.

Courier Service
same day delivery

Large & small Companies in L.A. trust us to handle their important shipments and inventories.

Same Day Courier
round trip deliveries messenger

We'll go and pick up what you need at a given destination, and bring it back to you quickly and reliably.

daily routing waysmessenger service

Need shipments on a daily schedule? We'll provide consistent and on-time service.

Escrow and Title Companies
escrow messenger

We're here ready to deliver contracts to the necessary people when your deal is made.

Film and Entertainment Studios
film entertainment image

Large and small studios in L.A. trust us to handle their delicate paperwork and records.


We provide notary services for key documentation, and can deliver it anywhere.

Attorney Filing
attorney filing

We can transport any legal documentation to your lawyer or courthouse.

At Your Door in 30-45 minutes, Rushed Delivery will complete 1-2 Hours, Regular Delivery 2-4 Hours. Licensed and 100% insured.
Rates are subject to change without notice. Times subject to change due to pick-up location. Parking fee may or may not be added to your payment after delivery is complete, Subject to parking situation in the pick up or drop off location.Operating in Greater Los Angeles Area and Southern California.

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